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“Meet Gingsen Africa’s new budding music act”

                     Singer, Rapper & Music Writer , Bormeh Mwinle-Naa Wilbeck, known in the music circles as Gingsen, hails from Lawra ...


                   Singer, Rapper & Music Writer , Bormeh Mwinle-Naa Wilbeck, known in the music circles as Gingsen, hails from Lawra in the Upper West region of Ghana. Born and Bred in Bolgatanga,

He was raised in a family of 6. He is the last of 4  children; 3 males and a female. 



Gingsen attended Central Lyceum school complex from 2001 to 2010, then moved to Mount Sinai school complex from 2011 to 2014 where he had his junior high education. He furthered to Gowrie Senior high School from 2014 to 2017 for senior high education where he read general arts and is topping it  up with a Degree in Software Engineering at National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT)



Gingsen developed the love for music around the age of 8 years, coming from a family where his  mom was a choirister at the church and big brother aleady into music and a rapper. Young Gingsen would try write his own songs and record himself with his personal machine and headphones.

Fast forward Gingsen nutured his skill and love for making music and began making it a priority. In 2015 he Met Massive Mix a music producer in the region who got him signed to a music label (Clean House Entertainment) where he got the chance to record his first sets of songs which later dropped in 2016. Gingsen has a real unique style of rapping, his focus on truth and reality based lyrics are really deduced from actual life experiences. Hailing from lively neighborhoods in the North, he has developed the skill of storytelling and seeks to paint vivid pictures with his lyrics to his listeners. Gingsen is Currently signed to BOZAWI ENTERTAINMENT  a label based in the northern part of Ghana.

Gingsen is super enthusiastic about anything musical and as a result of the passion, He learned production someway somehow along the line. He is mostly based along the Hip hop / Afrofusion line of sound and because of his witty  nature, his music always captivates his audience full attention whenever listening to his piece.

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